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ِAbout Us

Both MASS Technologies LLC at Ajman [est. 2005] and MASS UAE Technologies LLC (branch of MASS Technologies LLC, Ajman) at Dubai [est. 2006] were established and owned by experienced people who previously managed their own same kind of business in Iraq for more than 14 years.

Our staff is highly educated, well trained and of deep field experience. We are capable of providing complete solutions in both security and IT fields. MASS team (Zarkaa Al-Yamama for Security and Control Co. Ltd., Iraq) has accomplished many projects before starting in UAE, herein after some but not limited:

    - International RED CROSS committee in Iraq.

    - Ministry of Health [1998].

    - Central Bank of Iraq [1999].

    - National ID project for the ministry of interior of Iraq in partnership with Al-Bir group, Jordan [2001].

    - Central Bank of Iraq main branch in the north at Mosul [2003].

    - Central Bank of Iraq [2004].

    - Sumer Investment Bank in Iraq [2004].

    - Control hardware and software for international telephone stations in Baghdad, Sulaimania and Mosul [2004].

    - International RED CROSS committee in Iraq [2004].

    - Future Technology CCTV factory in Turkey [2004].

Our company has a leading team of engineers, technicians, and software specialists (analysts and programmers) who are highly qualified and dedicated in providing turn key solutions. Our team worked for years in IRAQ and other countries like Turkey and Jordan.

Business Growth

The beginning was Ajman covering northern emirates, MASS targeted private sector market at the beginning, by passing time and successive high achievements, business urged MASS management to migrate to Dubai.

This was in synchronization with the official issuance of Act. 13 for 2005 in Dubai, that law which regulates supplying, installing and maintaining all security systems there. Governmental sector market have been targeted as well since 2006 due to establishing the business base in Dubai.

Our business expanded in two dimensions, clients’ level (that is to include governmental sector) and geographically.

Meet our amazing team

Our work speaks for itself, so therefore we mean business and creativity. All of the clients are satisfied with our work. So check some of our creative picks and judge by yourself.

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